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Automatic feeding machine how the robot works
- Feb 22, 2016 -

(1)Different factors affecting the positioning is different. Mechanical block positioning, positioning precision and block rigidity and impingement baffle speed and other factors.

(2) positioning speed

Speed was a great influence on the positioning accuracy. This is because the speed is not the same as must dissipate the energy of the moving parts. Typically, to reducing positioning errors should reasonably control the speed, such as increasing the buffer of the cushioning performance and efficiency, control and drive system allows the timely reduction of moving parts.

(3) accuracy

Feeder robot manufacturing precision and installation speed precision has a direct impact on the positioning accuracy. Automatic feeding machine

(4) the stiffness

Feeder structural rigidity and stiffness of the robot itself is low, is easy to produce vibration, positioning accuracy are generally low.

(5) the weight of the moving parts

Moving parts including the weight of feeder robot its own weight and the weight of being caught.

Sport weight changes of great influence on the positioning accuracy. In General, sport weight increases, the accuracy decreases. Therefore, designed not only to reduce moving parts by weight, and to consider the impact of catch weight while working.

(6) control system

Switch control, electro-hydraulic proportion control and servo position control accuracy is not the same. This is not only because of the precision and sensitivity of the various control components is different, but also the position feedback has no information.