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Automatic feeding machine maintenance Essentials
- Feb 22, 2016 -

The use of feeder, if used improperly or too long, is likely to fail, encountered installation failures caused by external equipment. Most follow the AC power the feeder phase automatic synchronization, you can call up the feeder menu, select automatic sync phase. If the power stages lead to automatic sync phase values can also be set manually in the menu to resolve the problem. Sometimes feeding machine often need to restart pressure is low, the power supply, caused by not enough to run a feeding machine working properly. Testing voltage with a multimeter if the first ball machines, ball machine in load pressure, opened the measurement situation to determine whether there is a problem with the power supply.

Of particular note is that outdoor feeder in public and private, very different from when the power consumption of the heater. When the pressure dome irregular rotation, the first equipment should be checked for errors, and then check the feeder basic knowledge next ideal strength development silos menu whether to start randomly scanning mode. If not, mainly because of garbled messages caused by non-stop sending data communication line interference. Interference from electromagnetic interference transmission path, optics and optical recovery errors may also occur.