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Automatic feeding machines than any other feeder has the advantage
- Feb 22, 2016 -

1, to improve working conditions

Automatic feeding machine, CNC lathe, automatic and continuous process, until the process is completed. operation is primarily a program input, editing, parts, tool preparation, handling and processing status of observation, part of the inspection work, greatly reduce labor intensity, machine tool operator's work tends to intellectual work. in addition, the machine is a closed process, clean, and safe.

2, the quality is stable and reliable

Processing the same part in the same machine, under the same conditions, using the same tools and processes, exactly the same tool passes path, part of good consistency, quality and stability.

3, high productivity

Automatic part feeder can be used effectively to reduce the processing materials and time, can improve on the original Foundation 30~50% of NC lathe spindle speed, the fast-moving and positioning of machine parts and high speed machining, reduces the production of semi-finished products turnover time, improve production efficiency.

4 principle, fluid dynamics, vibration resistance, anti-wear

Hydraulic oil flow through piston rod, again into the catheter, provide bar length of hydraulic support when Rod rotates, fluid pressure increases, bars in the feed tube of the Central rotation.