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Automatic feeding of the lathe machine die life-extending measures
- Feb 22, 2016 -

By checking the stampings of automatic feeding machine, you can determine whether the die clearance is suitable. If the gap is too big, scrap appears rough ups and downs of the fracture surface and the smaller light plane. Clearance greater fracture surface and the light, the greater the angle of the surface, punching can be formed when curl and break, or even a thin margin processes. Conversely, if the gap is too small, the waste would small point of fracture surface and large bright surface. Automatic feeding of the lathe machine

Dang for open slot, and step rushed, and shear, local stamping Shi, side to force will makes rushed head deflection and caused unilateral clearance had small, sometimes edged side offset had Assembly scraping injury Xia die, caused upper and lower die of fast wear, mold to best clearance stamping Shi, waste of fracture surface and light mask has same of angle, and mutual coincide, such can makes rushed CD force minimum, punching of Burr also is small. Automatic feeding of the lathe machine