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Compare how many automatic feeding machine
- Feb 22, 2016 -

Automatic feeder introduces the six characteristics:

1, punch press feeder with precision Japan Mitsubishi AC server control system, operation easily and quickly, shorten working time and productivity.

2, punch press feeder is the company's long-term experience and development, and emphasized the long-term loading, long life, high accuracy and easy maintenance.

3, punch press feeder is suitable for material thickness difference, feeding step long constant pressure process.

4, punch press feeder interface operation, feed length and speed parameters can be set, feed length can be 1.0mm-9999.99mm between the various engineering tooling, multiple-stage feeding.

5, punch press feeder according to features of punch use mechanical or pneumatic loosening.

6, punch press feeder control box and the body separate to prevent vibrations, easy to move. With a material end detecting function