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Differences between traditional feeder and automatic feeders
- Feb 22, 2016 -

Feeding machines, machines for conveying materials. Commonly found in pellets, powder, sheet, strip material, such as automation, numerical control, accurate delivery. Both light industry and heavy industry are essential to the transmission equipment. It is widely used in industry, for a product feeder, however do we understand it? So different from conventional automatic feeder? Details are as follows:

Feeder is with machine movement of force strength in materials, movement of materials transportation machines. Material feeding machine of the modern changes, began to pressure air, ultrasonic and other advanced technologies are used in feeding technology, but people still use these devices feed feeder categories of devices.

Feeding of high degree of automation equipment: computer-controlled moving head laser feed feeders, feeder, high pressure pneumatic feeding device and computer, and so on. In addition, the Foreign Secretary sent on stage to a projection feeder such equipment has sensors and observation device, used for mapping of the material, or in the material line projection to steer feeding arrangements.