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Feeder feeding no reason
- Feb 22, 2016 -

(1) the air feeder feeding causes no more:

1, gas pressure is not enough or too much pressure and the air pressure is not urgent, and will result in feed are not allowed, feeder not after there first to check the stability of the gas source, be sure that nasty air pressure.

2, air feeder relax time angle is adjusted well, appeared relaxed late material back, feeding appears inaccurate.

3, when sent from a long or punches faster, speed adjustment screws of the air feeder is no better, lead to error in feed can't keep up.

4, feed material thickness exceeds the air feeder capacity, material too thick caused the feeder cylinder does not move.

5, the above reasons are not, is the air feeder type 0-ring wear and need to be replaced.

(2) high-speed roller feeder feeding no reasons are:

1, material thickness adjustment without a good tune, causing wheel pressure tighten slip, for different material thickness, in time to send material thickness adjustment of feeder.

2, material thickness is relatively thick, pressure spring roller feeder was not pressed in time, cause the feed roller pressure and skidded, so feeding is not accurate.

3 brake devices, high-speed roller feeder into the oil, resulting in brake failure, or excessive braking friction, losing the friction, get re-polished, or replaced with new brake pads.

4, gear with iron foreign body, leads to feed are not allowed.

5, roller wear in the clutch, leading to feed no, new roller needs to be replaced, please contact Clyde company for a replacement.