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How to test our metal laser cutter
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Recently, some customers said: how to cut metal by using your machine.

We've compiled a testing process for your reference:


Testing process of the metal laser cutting machine:

Step 1: connect the power line of the machine.

Step 2: connect the power line of the water chiller, connect the water protection and water pipe, 

and turn on the switch button of the water chiller.

Step 3: connect the power line of the exhaust fan .

Step 4: connect the oxygen tank and turn on the oxygen switch.

Step 5: start up the machine, turn on the leakage protector, turn on the machine switch.

Step 6: connect the computer data lines, draw image and download them to the machine.

Step 7: choose the suitable place to put the metal.

Step 8: cut the metal.

Step 9: finish, turn off the machine.