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Introduction of the universal characteristics of automatic feeding machine
- Feb 22, 2016 -

Feeder changes of modern times, began to pressure air, ultrasonic and other advanced technologies are used in feeding technology, but people still use these devices are in the fall in the feeder groups. Action roller in a circular motion, instead of the 4-pillar linear motion, so it does not kill a phenomenon.

Universal: no matter the width and thickness of the material, simply adjust the feeder. Machine used yan tail slot connection of pneumatic clip clamp clip tight plate, clip clamp mobile Lee will, reduce has information of bent deformation, reduced processing died district, selection full moment high precision of servo motor, and life long precision high of drive, and precision ball screw, and high function line scroll Guide, can meet stamping process of various requirements, special for processing precision requirements compared high of products pieces, overcome has punch shocked big, precision not not mess, and mold life short, using defects.