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Resolution are feeder applications
- Feb 22, 2016 -

Feeder should be on is a common machine. Action roller in a circular motion, instead of the 4-pillar linear motion, so it does not kill a phenomenon. Type: single type: for reel, single-product or when the product continuously used. Reverse device structure and unidirectional devices can precisely control the next, long time use, and will not make the next drop of backsliding, not disorderly and precision higher.

Currently in China market Shang has various model by both at home and abroad different manufacturers produced of sent material machine, according to its products function, we recommends you from following several aspects for compared select: according to I understand, domestic of NC sent material machine, are color with with microcomputer control technology, digital type displayed, manipulation simple Lee will, can effective control in 0.02MM within do sent material precise, completely solution has past sent feeder sent material no, regulation problem of persistent topics.