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The advantages of laser cutting machine
- Jul 22, 2017 -

1. Flexible plate sample processing often due to customer needs to appear lines, pad location changes caused by changes in the cover window, the use of traditional methods need to re-replace or modify the mold. And the use of laser processing, this problem can be solved, because you only need to modify the CAD data can be easily and quickly processed to get you want to window graphics cover film, in time and cost will win the market for you Competitive opportunities.

2. Laser processing of high precision, flexible circuit board forming the ideal tool for processing. The laser can process the material into any shape.

3. In the past mass production, many small parts are made of mechanical hard stamping die forming. However, the large wear and long lead times of the hard punching method are impractical and costly for the processing and molding of small parts.



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