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What are the advantages of CO2 laser cutting?
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Laser processing as a new processing methods, with its precision processing, fast, simple operation, the advantages of high degree of automation in the leather, textile and garment industry has gradually been widely used. Laser laser cutting machine compared with the traditional cutting method is not only low prices, low consumption and because the laser processing of the workpiece without mechanical pressure, so cut out the product results, precision and cutting speed are very good. And also has a safe operation, maintenance Simple and so on. Can work 24 hours in a row. With laser laser machine cut out of the clean cloth non-woven side of the non-yellow, automatic edge does not loose edge, no deformation, not hard, uniform size and accurate; can cut any complex shape; high efficiency, low cost, Computer design graphics, cutting any shape can be any size lace. Development speed: As a result of laser and computer technology, the user as long as the computer design, you can achieve laser engraving output and can be changed at any time carving, edge design side edge products.