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10 Sets Of 1630 Sofa Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine Be Send To Zhuocun City.
- May 09, 2016 -

9th,May,2016. MC's 10 sets of 1630 sofa auto feeding laser cutting machine be shipped to Zhoucun. From that day, MC become the biggest supplier of laser cutting machine in There.

 Zhouncun is the biggest sofa manufacturing base of Shandong province in China.include more 2000, because the labor are not enough and difficult for managing, the sofa auto feeding laser cutting machine come into being.

MC 1630 auto feeding laser cutting machine,adopt the best parts,include all the advantages of auto feeding machine. and, design the special auto-recitying deviation system,equipped with digital input instrument,auto-composing software.not only improve the efficiency greatly, but also could save much more materials.

According to our calculation, if work 8 hours one day,one machine could cut 25-30 sets of sofa,equal to 4-5 labors' workload.can save at least 0.5m fabric. but its consumable item are very low.not reach to one labor's wage.

So, China, it has been one tendency of let the machine take place of labor.