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Current Development Of Feed Industry In China And Countermeasures Analysis
- Feb 22, 2016 -

Although China has become the world's largest feeder market, the biggest exporter of small tonnage feeder product, but still lack of competitiveness of super large-tonnage, NC NC feeder, three-in-one feeder and clip-on feeder remained obstacles to development. About high-speed, high-precision technological breakthrough more counting on the strong technical strength of domestic enterprises, as high-speed products are technology-oriented SMEs lack of precipitation technology and financial support.

Roller feeder manufacturer first phalanx of four companies have to realize the technology breakthroughs. Single from scale Shang see, sent material machine accounted for more big of market share, so, on first echelon of four home enterprise,, both inside and outside and repair is more important, not only to face from domestic market scale of fierce competition, more to face international enterprise of technical competition, from a species degree Shang said, overseas market of share is punch around Enterprise future development of decisive factors punch sent material machine.