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IT Men Will Waste CD Drive Laser Engraving Machine
- Feb 20, 2016 -

Ms Cheung, shapingba district men using a months of spare time, will waste CD drive disassembly restructuring, made into a small laser engraving machines, in cloth, paper, plastic, carving a variety of text and graphics. Ms Cheung's engraving machine to the Internet will also be produced, by friends in hot pursuit. "I will transform into a simple tutorial, let you reuse. "Ms Cheung said yesterday.

30-year old Ms Cheung who lives in shapingba, working in the IT industry for nearly 10 years. Early last month, a friend sent Ms Cheung two old DVD drive, he found that the optical drive was no maintenance value. "Two years ago I saw someone abroad website drive into a laser engraving machine, and I was wondering if I can put these two waste drive into a small laser engraving machine. ”