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New Model Of Metal Laser Cutter
- Jan 31, 2018 -

We always Committed to manufacture and design the laser machine.

Recently, we designed one model metal laser machine:

1000*1000mm metal laser cutter.png

100*100 cm CO2 Metal Laser Cutting Machine with ball screw transmission system and servo motor driver, make sure the highest precision and stable working, greatly improve process efficiency.

Economy Price, Best Quality, Professional Service are all provided for you.
Machine Size & Outside color can be customized.

About our metal laser cutter, we also supply:

1200*900mm metal laser cutter:

1200*900mm metal laser cutter.png

1300*900mm metal laser cutter:

1300*900mm metal laser cutter.png

1600*1000mm metal laser cutter:

1600*1000mm metal laser cutter.png

1300*2500mm metal laser cutter:

1300*2500mm metal laser cutter.png

1500*3000mm metal laser cutter:

1500*3000mm metal laser cutter.png

If any product you are interested, please click that product and send us inquiry:

Thanks in advance!