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Power Cord Selection Of Automatic Feeding Equipment
- Feb 22, 2016 -

Automatic feeding equipment in the installation, power lines is the first step of factories, workers ' safety, but also the most critical step, create automatic feeding equipment in selection of mechanical power line focuses on quality

Wire and cable wires and cables in the market offer spotty quality of mixed quality. Its quality, security will directly affect the personal and property safety of consumers, so the correct choice of cables and wires is very important:

1, see "CCC" certification mark.

2, see inspection report.

3, pay great attention to packing.

4, appearance,

5, conductor

6, measuring length. Length is the difference between counterfeit and inferior products are intuitive and in line with national standards. Buy wire and cable must also consider its use, which is supporting the installation using the feeder type, such as servo wheel feeder, or a three-in-one feeder, automatic feeding machines.